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At a certain point, the pursuit of radiance, longevity and superior powers belongs to the mystics, the seekers, the ones traveling that extra mile, again and again.

Wisdom is not a common trait, nor a pillar of our society. Our pursuit goes beyond the mere common sense. Beyond beliefs, convictions and trends.

We seek the treasures hidden in plain sight. The natural substances, practices and puzzlepieces that bestows benefit and fortitude.

Among the most obvious candidates, we find the adaptogens, the tonic herbs and the medicinal mushrooms. Intelligent, adaptive and nutritive natural substances that improves our constitution, self-regulation and resilience day by day, year after year.

There needs however, to be a ritual. A daily touch point where you consume these herbs in a meaningful amount, consistently. They need to be of a certain quality and potency, and most important of all: They need to be provided in a form that can be readily consumed, easily and deliciously.

For the last eight years, I have worked with adaptogenic herbs in Norway, one of the worlds most restrictive regimes when it comes to natural, non-toxic substances.

Working under enforced limitations has honed my sense of what is essential and what is not. How to assure the best results with limited selection and resources. Necessity is the mother of invention.

Constantly experimenting with combinations, formats and habitual factors, I have created solutions to some unaddressed needs in regards to implementing these herbs effectively in a modern lifestyle.


As I prepare to launch internationally, I welcome you to join me and be the first to hear about and try these new products, as well as the philosophy that drives this approach.

No spam, real value. You are gonna love this!

If you are situated in Norway, come check out our current selection at www.nyta.no

In health and wisdom,

Lasse Jellum

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